Milk Jar Candles!

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Hand-poured with love in Calgary, Milk Jar Candles have a 50-55 hour burn time and a natural soy wax & wood wick.

Choose from the following scents:

HAWAII - PLUMERIA & LILAC: Our favourite floral candle is back, and it's like we just stepped foot onto the beaches of Hawaii.

BOHEMIA - LEMONGRASS, SAGE & LAVENDER: For all you boho queens!

*We accept your used jars! Return your candles and they'll be reused by Milk Jar. Spread the love! 

We source our flowers from:

Eurosa Farms

Brentwood Bay, BC

Smit Nursery Ltd.

Abbotsford, BC

Why locally sourced flowers?

We care about the environment. All our flowers are locally sourced, North American grown and driven, never flown. Our stemwrap is made from a plant-based, backyard compostable material and our packaging either compostable or made from 100% recycled materials - no plastics!