The LeisdeBUS

We’ve created the coolest mobile pop-up flower shop.

The leisdeBUS can be found around town at festivals and can be booked for events.

We’ve teamed up with Suki’s Salons this summer to bring you extreme boho vibes, so all you queens can look forward to getting your hair braided by their amazing stylists, (with FLOWERS!), at upcoming events like The Vancouver Folk Festival, Khatsahlano Street Festival, the Vancouver Mural Festival and more!

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For the techies:

The first of its kind, The leisdeBUS is powered by its solar panelled roof and a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery, and hosts a walk-in cooler that keeps our flowers fresh via a CoolBot and an air-conditioning unit.

Coolbot Technology

The CoolBot’s patented technology intelligently controls your air conditioner – so you can harness its cooling power and keep temperatures in the 30s without freezing up your air conditioner. It uses multiple sensors, a heating element and a programmed micro-controller to direct your air conditioner’s compressor to operate in a such a way to cool the room to 36° F without ever freezing up. Additionally, our innovative interface which links the CoolBot controller to your air conditioner allows for 5 minute installations without any training, cutting, soldering or even taping. Traditional walk-in cooler refrigeration systems sell for $10,000 with installation and electrical setup. Traditional systems use a “brute-force” approach to cooling: lots of coolant (which is bad for the environment), a big motor, a large surface area, and multiple fans (which can dry out your vegetables and account for up to 60% of the cost of operating electricity).

Most importantly, when the CoolBot begins to lose efficiency when accessing your BTUs of cooling power (when the air conditioner is close to freezing), it is programmed to shut off the compressor on your A/C unit, so you do not pay for electricity to make BTUs that you can’t use! That saves you money on your monthly electricity bill and helps the environment. As long as you sized your air conditioner correctly and insulate your cooler well, you’ll have no problem keeping your room as cold as you want it to be.

We saved upwards of $8500 to make our coolers in store, and the same for the trailer.

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