Leis de Buds is deeply committed to sustainability, and this belief infuses every aspect of our firm – from how we source our flowers, to our eco-friendly, plantable packaging to our solar powered mobile flower shop, everything we do we have the environment in mind. While we’re not perfect, we’re taking big strides to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Traditionally, the flower market works like this: Planes take off from South Africa, the Netherlands, Israel, Australia, Malaysia, and all over the world, to deliver flowers to Canada every day. Local florists buy these flowers. We don’t. Flowers are beautiful, but they’re also ephemeral. We’ve found that we enjoy them a lot more if they don’t come along with the carbon footprint that the global flower trade brings with it. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty to buy local and buying from local growers has a massive impact on our carbon footprint. Consider this: A truck that’s coming from the East Coast of Canada, or even the South of the United States produces much less of a carbon footprint than flying.

The flowers on your table or around your neck are not shipped in from South America, Australia or South Africa – which means you’ve done your part by significantly reducing your carbon footprint. We don't believe in participating in the global flower trade because moving flowers around the world comes at great cost to the environment. Bonus! Going local means better quality.