Lipstick Plants


Social distancing doesn't include plants! Pucker up and snag one of these 6" hanging beauties. Bonus: They're flowering!

We have macramé hangers if interested. Please add a note to your order if you are interested in purchasing a planter or hanger, and and we can get back to you with our stock availability and colour options.

Potting fees are waived at this time, until we reopen our doors. :)

Care instructions are pictured.

Delivery fee is calculated at checkout. 

We source our flowers from:

Eurosa Farms

Brentwood Bay, BC

United Flower Growers Co-Op

Burnaby, BC

Why locally sourced flowers?

We care about the environment. All our flowers are locally sourced, and our packaging is made from a plant-based, backyard compostable material.