The Ultimate L O V E B O X!

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The mic just dropped. This ultimate mix-n-match, His-or-Hers-or-Theirs gift box is perfect if you want to go the extra mile for that special someone. 

What's included: 

~ A stylish Leis de Buds Valentine's Day themed bouquet packaged in our signature packaging (with some V-day flair - pictured size is a double),

~ A gorgeous vase (colour of your choosing),

~ Organic hot chocolate OR vanilla rose sugar,

~ A Milk Jar candle (4 to choose from!), 

~ A unique pink "love" succulent,

~ Planted in a matte white or black modern planter, 

~ & a LOVE confetti card! Be sure to add what you would like us to handwrite on your card in the notes section, otherwise we'll write "Happy Valentine's Day" (and you can do better than that)! 

**Leave any special delivery instructions so we can successfully deliver to your bae! From buzzer codes to phone numbers, we'll take all the info you can give us.

***Delivery is calculated at checkout. Due to the volume of deliveries on Feb 14, any unsuccessful deliveries will be available next day, for pickup in store. 

We source our flowers from:

Eurosa Farms

Brentwood Bay, BC

United Flower Growers Co-Op

Burnaby, BC

Why locally sourced flowers?

We care about the environment. All our flowers are locally sourced, and our packaging is made from a plant-based, backyard compostable material.