Leis de Buds is a floral business concept located in Kitsilano. From bringing the traditional Hawaiian art of leis and hakus to Vancouver, to reimagining retail sustainability, Leis de Buds is changing the way the floral industry is approached.

Our Offerings:

We offer a flower subscription delivery service in Vancouver with weekly, bi-weekly and monthly bouquet subscriptions available. Subscribe and save!

The Plant, our brick and mortar shop, sits in the heart of beachy Kitsilano on W 4th Avenue. Our space is redolent of romance, and designed for hanging out – quite literally, as we have swings! A tropical paradise to pick up readymade bouquets, candles, house plants and other fun gifts.

We’re also festooning the streets of Vancouver, as our solar-powered off grid leisdeBUS is on the move all about town, at festivals and events, bringing beautiful floral arrangements and fun to wherever the action is. It is powered by solar panels and a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery, providing enough continuous energy to remain off-the-grid for 30+ hours.

Sustainability & our Business Model:

We have the environment in mind in everything we do – from plantable seed paper lei boxes that grow wildflowers when planted, to backyard compostable stem wrap, baggies and flower food sachets, we take great efforts to care for our planet.

Our bouquets are made with fresh flowers primarily sourced from Canadian farms, and those not from Canada are from North America. Traditionally, the flower market works like this: Planes take off from South Africa, the Netherlands, Israel, Australia, Malaysia, and all over the world to deliver flowers to Canada every day. Consumers, mostly unaware of the environmental impact, demand specific flowers that are not available in North America and local florists succumb to these requests and purchase these flown in flowers.

We don’t. Flowers are beautiful, but they’re also ephemeral. We feel that there is plenty of variety right here in North America, and we can sacrifice a few rare varieties without sacrificing beauty for our planet.

Multiple trucks coming from the East Coast of Canada or even the South of the United States produce much less C02 than aircrafts from all over the world. This is how we are able to reduce our carbon footprint - by choosing to buy flowers that are driven in, and not flown in. We’ve found that we enjoy them a lot more if they don’t come along with the carbon footprint that the global flower trade brings with it. While we’re not perfect, we’re taking big strides to be as eco-friendly as possible, and you can rest assured knowing the flowers on your table or around your neck are sustainability sourced, which means you’ve done your part by significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

This is also why we do not take special orders but instead create unique bouquets every week. We work with what’s in season. And while our standards call for extreme ingenuity, it inspires us!

It’s all about quality. Locally sourced flowers last longer!

Our Storefront


The Plant

Our homebase, affectionately known as The Plant, is a little boho meets jungalow with a flare of Cape Cod and a lot of Hawaiiana. It’s got all the coastal vibes. We created a laid back ambiance with the goal of making flowers more accessible. The Plant provides our guests with a unique opportunity to get their hands on fresh blooms.