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Bouquet Subscriptions

Save on the blooms you love

For true flower lovers who want a rotation of the freshest local flowers, crafted into stunning and unique bouquets. Receive weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly arrangements for effortless beauty and joy.

How it Works

Sign up, choose your delivery frequency, and we’ll send you unique and stunning bouquets. Cancel anytime after 3 months.


Select frequency


Pick your delivery date*


Kick back, relax, and let your blooms come to you.

Fresh tip: Leave your box outside on the day of delivery and we’ll pick it up for reuse and recycling.

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More bouquets, more savings

Flower lovers rejoice! The more you order, the more you save. We offer three different delivery frequencies so can you receive fresh bouquets as often as you’d like. PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE NEW PRICING REFLECTED BELOW, BEGINNING JAN 15, 2022.


Save 10%

Get one Leis de Buds signature bouquet a month, delivered fresh to your doorstep. Flower bliss.



Save 12%

Twice as nice at a better price! We'll bring you our best creations twice a month.



Save 15%

For the true flower lover. A unique and stunning arrangement every week, charged once a month.



Can I pick what flowers I want?

For our subscription service, we create beautiful bouquets that will fit with any household or office aesthetic, and because our farms provide us with new flowers multiple times per week, we cannot guarantee any special requests. They'll be different week to week, seasonally. Make your life a little easier by getting blooms delivered to your door.

What flowers are in your signature bouquets?

The contents of our bouquets evolve with the seasons, as we use only fresh local flowers (or flowers that have been driven and not flown in). The bouquet you get might not be exactly as pictured, but we guarantee it will be stunning and charmingly packaged, as we pick the best in season.

What if there’s an issue with my delivery?

Feel free to contact us regarding any concerns.

Is delivery included in the price?

For Kitslano and areas near The Plant, delivery is free. Delivery rates to other areas in and around Vancouver are calculated at checkout.

What if I’m not home?

Our flowers are packaged in such a way that they should stay fresh for the day, until you get home. If we are unable to access your property to leave your package at your door, we will attempt to redeliver the same day and again the following day, excluding holidays. If the second and final delivery attempt has been made and the driver was unable to leave your package, Leis de Buds will hold your bouquet at our retail location (2202 W 4th Avenue) for up to 3 days for pickup. Refunds will not be issued for multiple unsuccessful deliveries and/or failure to pick up.

When will I be charged for my subscription?

We will charge you once monthly, on your first delivery of the month. If you cancel your subscription in the middle of the month, we will not charge you for the following month but we will fulfill your flower order through the end of the month you cancel. You can cancel anytime after the required 3 months.

Can I put my subscription on hold?

Yes, you can! Heading out of town? Log into your account and you can find the option under manage my subscriptions. We require a 3 month commitment to subscribe and you can cancel anytime after 3 months.

What if I want to order a signature bouquet, but I’m not ready to subscribe?

Great! You can head to our shop page and select an option from our menu of signature bouquets. You can receive your flowers next day, or choose a future date. For same day delivery you can find us on Door Dash!

How is ordering from Leis De Buds reducing environmental impact?

Leis de Buds is deeply committed to sustainability, and this belief infuses every aspect of our firm – from how we source our flowers, to our eco-friendly, plantable packaging to our solar powered mobile flower shop. Check out our about page to learn more.

Do you sell plants online?

We sell some plants online, but you can swing by our retail shop at 2202 W 4th Avenue to shop our larger plant selection. It’s a tropical paradise.

Do you take special orders?

For specialty wreaths made with our dried flowers, specialty leis and hakus (flower crowns), and large orders, please contact us!


Have any questions? Give us a call at 604-428-7858 or contact us here.